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I'm Kaitlyn & this is Sheldon (full time husband, part time wedding second shooter). When we are not behind the camera telling you how FREAKIN' GREAT you look, you can find us snuggled up with the three best boys around, Doug, Duke, and Ed. I like to consider myself the worlds proudest dog mom, which is why I will never tell you no when you ask me about bringing your dog along for your session. I am a firm believer that a good latté in the morning can set your day up to be a great one. So, I am ALWAYS down to grab a cup of coffee (or lets be honest a cocktail) and talk all about the best day ever, your wedding!

Born and raised in the PNW I have a deep love for the natural beauty this state offers and an even greater appreciation for golden sun sets that we get so infrequently here. Photography has been my love for as long as I've been able to get my hands on a camera and I am fully here to be your hype girl, your best friend, and the reason you're laughing so that by the end of your session you can look back and say that was the most fun you've have ever had taking pictures.

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